Removal Request

Real Gone Wild has a zero questions asked removal policy.
Reported posts are reviewed within 48 hours. If the criteria below is met, we will permanently remove the post author from our data, and the post author will be blocked from ever appearing in the future.

  • Illegal

    Photos of people under the age of 18, or photos that may depict illegal sexual conduct are not allowed on Real Gone Wild.

  • Offensive

    We want you to have a good experience on Real Gone Wild. If you find that one of the posters are being overall offensive, please report them.

  • Copyright Material

    If you are the owner of a submitted photo and do not wish your content to appear on our site, use the form below. If you use multiple accounts on Reddit and/or Imgur, we ask that you submit each account name that you use on these applications.

  • Misrepresented

    We wish to keep all photos on Real Gone Wild to be that of the actual poster. Posting photos of anyone other than yourself is prohibited on Real Gone Wild.

  • Men

    While we can appreciate men that wish to share their bodies with Reddit and/or Imgur, Real Gone Wild is a site for photos of women (sorry fellas). Sometimes posts are made on Reddit in a way that our system is not capable of determining the sex of the post author. In this case, please use the form below.

Removal Request